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One of the strengths of the Club is the ongoing support and involvement with our Past Players & Supporters group who attend games and provide coterie support.

Each week during the Season you’ll get an email providing an update on how the club fared on field, as well as information on club and Past Player functions and events, including the Annual Neil Granland Past Players & Supporters Day.

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Club 200

Back in 2002 we started a coterie group where Past Players & Supporters have been able to assist the Club by raising funds to purchase and / or replace various capital items. Over the years we have provided furniture, football jumpers, TV, a laptop and a few beers every now & again for the current crop of players.

With the pending refurb of the Millington Clubrooms, it is critical that we support the Club as revenue streams will be effected.


  • 12 months membership of Club 200
  • The latest Club 200 apparel which will be Scarborough branded. These will be quality polo shirts; so good that you’ll be able to wear them at Lake Karrinyup Country Club!!
  • 1 free beer each visit to the Millington Clubrooms on a Thursday or Saturday.
  • The sense of satisfaction that you are putting something back into the Club.

If you are self-employed, your Club 200 Membership can be paid by your company as sponsorship and may be a tax deduction (but please check with your tax adviser to confirm your personal circumstances).

If you are interested in joining Club 200, simply provide your details below and we’ll get in touch and sign you up as a member. Both Past Players and Supporters are welcome to join the club!

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